Hand luggage

If you are traveling by air, make sure that your valuables and essentials like medication, important documents, a set of clean underwear, toothbrush, shaving gear, in your hand luggage. That way if your luggage goes to Bangkok while you are looking for it at London’s Heathrow, you have enough with you to manage for a day or two. Garment bag
Pack items which wrinkle easily into a garment bag as it puts only a single, fold in the middle and allows you to soften even that fold by hanging the bag on the plane. Put the hanging items which wrinkle easiest into the garment bag first so that they are furthest away from the fold of the bag. To fit more in, layer several items of clothing on the same hanger. Buy a garment bag that has pockets for bulky toiletries and shoes.


Leave your name and address in your suitcase, just in case of loss.
Small, sturdy, combination locks are best for quick access to your luggage as keys can get lost; a simple combination number that you set is quick and easy.

To save space, roll two or three items of the same type together.Three pairs of trousers, for example, rolled together will be little more than the size of one paired rolled on it own.

Wrap fragile items inside socks and put them in the center of the case, protected by clothing on all sides.

Place your toiletries in a ziplock bag before putting in your suitcase. This will protect your clothes and electrical items in the event of a bottle opening up!


When packing for a trip, especially backpacking, not only roll your clothes quite tightly but keep them rolled up with an elastic band. When you are packing things into a backpack, place the lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on top. Your bag will feel lighter this way. Also, remember to place the important things on top.


When packing cosmetics and other toiletries, forget the make-up case. Put them in a ziplock bag instead. It saves on space, weight, and protects your clothes from accidental spills. When packing your necklaces, place each one in a straw, by threading one end of the necklace through, and clasping it closed. This prevents the necklace from tangling up.

How to pack a minimum of clothes

When traveling you don’t want to spend most of the time unpacking and packing clothes.

  • Plan to wash your clothes. You don’t have to take underwear for the number of days you are going away, just rinse them out and they will probably dry overnight or at least within 24 hours.
  • Most dry cleaners in London offer a 24-hour cleaning service so you can get clothes dry cleaned while you are away.
  • Choose only those clothes which are absolutely necessary. When you pack each item, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” For example, don’t take dresses if you normally you only wear trousers for sightseeing.
  • Choose those clothes which can serve double duty. For example, your suit trousers should be able to double as slacks (which usually means they shouldn’t be pinstriped or dark blue). Summer dresses can be worn day and night time.
    Take shoes that can be worn either day or night.
  • Use small, lightweight accessories for variety. Differently patterned and colored belts, stockings, scarves, jewelry and hair bands, can make the same basic outfit look radically different each day if those items are the primary source of color.
  • Choose items of clothing which can be worn more than once without washing. This means clothes of medium dark tones, which don’t show the dirt as much as blacks. To the extent you can wear items more than once without washing, you will need less backup clothing while your other clothes are being washed.
  • Don’t take large containers of toiletries and make-up, instead decant some into smaller lightweight plastic bottles.
  • If visiting London, remember it might rain but you should only pack a lightweight raincoat during the summer as it probably won’t be very cold.